Goal Setting Process for success!

GOAL SETTING🔥 Watch this short video to learn our simple 6 step goal setting process!. Now is the time to set some big goals and create a plan to to set yourself up for getting awesome health and fitness results💥🚀.And if you need any help with this just send us a message info@crossfitironlion.com.au or leave […]

Meal Prep 101

Food Prep & Healthy Eating made simple Join us in the Iron Lion Kitchen as we share some tips and techniques for helping you dial in your food prep game! 🍎🥩🥦🍴👨‍🍳

Quick & Healthy breakfast recipe

👨‍🍳 Jump back into the Iron Lion kitchen with us as we cook a delicious and slightly unconventional breakfast dish!!🥚🥓🍚🥦🥕🍽.This week we focus on Food Quality, and the critical role it plays in good nutritional practices!

Bone Broth Recipe & Benefits

Check out the video for a simple but delicious Bone Broth recipe! 🦴☕️ Bone broth is made by boiling down animal bones and connective tissue. This nutrient-dense stock is used for soups, sauces, and a healthy warm beverage..🦴☕️ Bone broth dates back to prehistoric times, when hunter-gatherers turned otherwise inedible animal parts like bones, hooves, […]

Recovery Series: Managing Stress

Recovery part 4. To conclude our Recovery series we look at the last critical piece of the recovery puzzle you need to optimise your results!

Recovery Series: Sleep

Recovery part 3. Today we cover probably the most critical piece of a great Recovery strategy!

Recovery Series: Does your recovery suck?

Signs you’re Recovery needs improvement! ☹️ This month we are looking at Recovery! Todays video explains some of the key signs that you are not recovering properly. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then you’ll want to tune in next week as we start to unpack the key strategies to get […]

Getting your first Pull-ups

Getting your first Strict Pull-up💪 Check out todays technique video for a series of Pull-up progressions you can follow to work your way towards getting your first Strict Pull-up. Be sure to build each progression to the top of each rep range, before moving onto the next!!.💪 A key milestone on any strength training journey, […]

Mastering Double Unders

Double Unders!.⚡️ Often the nemesis of many aspiring crossfitters, this aerobic skill requires consistent practice of its fundamental components to master..⚡️ The double-under provides many benefits for athletes, like providing a great neurological stimulus, improved general physical fitness (cardio) and assists with agility, balance, accuracy and coordination..⚡️ Follow these simple progressions 2 or 3 times […]