Category: Training & Technique

Getting your first Pull-ups

Getting your first Strict Pull-up💪 Check out todays technique video for a series of Pull-up progressions you can follow to work your way towards getting

Mastering Double Unders

Double Unders!.⚡️ Often the nemesis of many aspiring crossfitters, this aerobic skill requires consistent practice of its fundamental components to master..⚡️ The double-under provides many

Getting your first Pistol squat

Pistol Progressions💥 🔫 🦵 Also known as one-legged squats, pistols are a leg strengthening movement and exercise. They are considered a more advanced and challenging

How to Improve your Barbell Cycling

Barbell cycling is a method of moving a barbell through the complete range of motion that requires degrees of technique, body control, speed, and movement

Improving your Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility is crucial to so many movements in CrossFit, from walking and running, to lunges and squatting. Lack of ankle joint range leads on

Preventing Shoulder pain

The shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. The shoulder joint is formed where the humerus (upper arm bone)

Improving tight Shoulders

💪 Shoulder MobilityCheck out today’s video for some of our favourite drills to improve shoulder mobility..💪 If your shoulders aren’t mobile enough to get into

Getting your first Ring Dip

Getting your first Ring Dip!!! 🔥Check out todays technique video for a series of Ring Dip progressions you can follow to work your way towards

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