Personal Training

Iron Lion Personal Training uses 3 different goal-based training programs to best suit the individual needs and desires of our members.


For Weight Loss

12 Week Challenge

Our gender specific 12 week intensive weight loss and lifestyle modification program. Designed to burn massive amounts of body fat, while simultaneously increasing strength and muscle definition. This program is custom built to each clients particular needs and goals to ensure massive overall change to a person’s physique and fitness levels in just 12 weeks. Click here for more information.

For Peformance Goals

CFIL Perform

Our “Performance” program is for individuals looking to take their athleticism to the next level. This program focuses on rapldly improving a members overall strength, energy system capacity and movement proficiency and skill. We facilitate these improvements through individualised training programs and nutrition plans. The key areas of focus are

  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Strongman training
  • Crossfit and Energy System development
To Rehab Injuries, Move Pain Free

CFIL Rejuvinate

Our “Rejuvinate” program is designed to Identify and correct weaknesses and imbalances to build healthy joints that last a lifetime. There is a strong focus on improving overall mobility & flexibility, whilst correcting muscle weakness and imbalance. This program is a key foundation to overcoming or preventing injuries and optimising a members ability to recover and get results.

We Also Offer Small-Group Coaching

More Bang for Your Buck

Small group coaching is about half the price of an average personal training session, but you still get full access to the above programs, and individualised programming and coaching. That means you can train with your coach more frequently for the same investment, or train the same amount of time for close to half the price.

Train with a Friend or Meet a New Friend

If you have a training partner already, great! If not, we will partner you with another individual who has a similar desire to achieve their fitness goals. Both of you will benefit from the support of training with a partner.

Client Testimonials

As a single working mum, the support of the amazing Iron Lion community has played a huge part in the lifestyle change that has seen me lose over 20kg.

Jenna Schmidt


When Andrew started with us in 2018 his goal was to get under 100kgs. 12 Months later he smashed that goal and has now set his sights on even bigger things. He also recently competed in the Australian National DragonBoat Race Championships, and said that there is no way he could have achieved that before his transformation at Iron Lion.

Andrew McVittie


I was 107 kg, had osteoarthritis in my feet so bad I was crying with the pain at the end of the day. I had high blood pressure and was taking medication to keep it under control. Over 12 months at Iron Lion I lost 33kg, my arthritis is 80% better, I am off blood pressure meds and I have more self confidence! Apart from having my 4 children this is one of my proudest achievements, I have not been this weight since I was 14! I cannot express my gratitude enough, its affected every facet of my life and made me a better me .. thankyou from the bottom of my heart

Joanne Cordwell