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We’re constantly tailoring our offerings and schedule during these times. Hit the button below to get our latest schedule hour by hour right on your phone.


Our regular daily CrossFit class times!

Open Gym

Practice skills you learn, work on core strength or mobility, catch up a WOD you missed.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit classes specifically designed to combine fun and fitness for your kids!


Improve your mobility and speed up recovery with this 30 minute stretching class.


Our Essential Movements Program is the critical first step that will allow you to safely and confidently enter our regular CrossFit classes.

Hybrid Strength

A strength-focused class combining all the best elements of weightlifting, gymnastics and strongman, along with core & accessory work.


Our weekly Weightlifting class is for the beginner to experienced lifter looking to take their Weightlifting to the next level.

Why Do CrossFit?

CrossFit Classes produce exceptional results by effectively combining power lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and other functional fitness movements. CrossFit is the program of choice for many firefighters, MMA fighters, Olympians, Special Forces personnel, triathletes, and everyday people looking to improve their fitness and quality of life. Our classes are universally scalable meaning they are designed to be equally challenging to all athletes regardless of past experience or fitness. Sessions focus on proper execution of all movements to achieve an all round level of cardio fitness, strength and stamina. To maximize results we suggest 2-3 days consecutive training followed by one day of rest. This ensures proper programming, progression, and physical recovery.

Drop In For A WOD

If you are visiting the area for business or leisure and want to drop in for a session we would love to see you! Give us a call or drop us an email to book into one of our classes. You first drop in class is FREE and only $20/session thereafter.